Enjoy the contemporary elegance of stone sinks. Batavia Tile offers a great range of stone sinks in Indonesia that can complement your place. We manufacture unique designs of stone sinks from natural stones.

Our unique designs of stone sinks can transform your washroom into a beautiful space and add the magical appeal of natural stones to your place. It is a unique approach to beautify the bathroom and home space in an attractive way.

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In the recent few years, with the consistent increase in the demand for river stone products to install in the kitchen sinks, most of the homeowners living in Indonesia started searching for fabricators to install Stone Sinks in Indonesia and in any other nearby area. Some people are still unaware about the benefits of getting river stone sinks installed in their kitchens.

River stone remains unaffected from harmful reactions of alkalis and/or acids. Furthermore, when you place them in your kitchen, it does not cause stain or alteration due to grape juice, vinegar, wine, and tomatoes, along with other commonly found food items. Along with this, river stone sinks or shelves remains unaffected from heat. Hence, you may easily place hot pots directly on river stone countertops directly without any fear related to burning, melting or any other similar type of damage. Now the question arises: Who can help you with the original river stone in Indonesia? Well, this search of yours is going to end with us as we are the biggest Java river stone supplier in Indonesia. So, it’s time to get in touch with us to get the best river stone countertops and sinks installed in your kitchens. This is going to save you from the hassle of cleaning them deliberately as the river stone is very easy to clean.